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How to declare the method of endowment insurance?

2018-04-05 00:00:36

At work, one of the most concerned issues is the issue of pension insurance. At present, our country needs to carry out some reforms on the basic policy of pension insurance during the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee, in order to make more reasonable contributions to social welfare. Therefore, some matters concerning pension insurance need to pay more attention to policy changes.


The development of pension insurance in our country is very rapid, especially after the 1990s, our country has accelerated the basic coverage of pension insurance, which is a welfare for the common people and an important measure for our country to build a welfare society, which is good news for the common people and will further improve people's living standards.


Pension insurance is very important for everyone, especially when you get old, there will be a lot of pension problems, at this time, there will be a lot of comfort in pension insurance, so now everyone will handle pension insurance when working, but how to declare pension insurance is a problem, I will give you a specific talk.


The general declaration of pension insurance personnel to pay pension insurance is mainly divided into three ways, including the first insured personnel, free choice of employment and insured personnel, all types of personnel to declare up methods and procedures have a certain difference, and according to their own situation needs specific methods, you can continue to see.


The first type of situation is basically that after the employer signs a labor contract with the students and the insured personnel who have just started employment, the staff of the specific work department of the employer needs to handle the insurance payment procedures with the labor contract and the copy of the personal ID card to the provincial, municipal and district job agency, so that the individual can save things.


The second type of situation is that after the unemployed entrepreneurs or business people and freelancers are hired, the specific responsible staff of the employing unit shall go to the provincial, municipal or district job agency with the labor contract, the relevant bank payment card or the green personal payment manual and the bank receipt of the last payment of the self-employed.


The third type of situation is that after some employers have signed a labor contract with the insured personnel, the new employees need to submit the pension insurance procedures and other information handled by their original enterprises to the new units, and the new units will handle the labor contracts and change tables to provincial, municipal and district job agencies, so that the machine can also be used.


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