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How to deal with the violation of traffic restrictions? Will there be a deduction?

2018-04-10 12:48:09

Nowadays, people's living standards continue to improve, material conditions are getting better and better, almost every family has a house and a car, but more and more car ownership, resulting in urban congestion, followed by the restrictions of various cities. So in the period of limited travel was caught, how should be punished? Today Xiaobian will share: how to punish the violation of the number limit.


Restrictions on travel penalties: If your vehicle appears when it should not appear, it will be punished for violation. If the license plate will be deducted 100 yuan, no points; If your license plate is not a license plate, you will lose $100 and 3 points.


If you drive to the parking lot or leave the corresponding city within three hours, you will not be punished. If you stay in the corresponding city, you will be punished continuously.


The most important significance of the vehicle number limit is to reduce some traffic pressure, although the daily limit is only for two numbers, but in the huge base of vehicles, these two tail number plates have occupied a very important position, which can greatly reduce our traffic pressure, which is for such a metropolis now. In fact, it still has a very important significance, plays a very important role in traffic travel, deserves everyone's attention, and will also bring help to our vehicle use.


Limit the number of travel penalties: if there is no limited number of driving, 3 hours a penalty of 100, not more than 3 hours a penalty of 100. If you're in the parking lot within two hours and you never get out it's 100, and if you're back on the road and you get caught on camera it's 200. If caught by the police, they will be fined 100 points and fined three points.