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How to create a new product

2018-05-13 06:24:01

In the vast sea of commerce, there is now a red blood, which is what we call the Red Sea. So how do you fight your way out of this Red Sea and get a place? The following Xiaobian on new product creation (e-commerce) to talk about some of their humble opinions, only for your reference


1, selection: Not what you are selling, this is crucial. 70% of a product's success comes from selection. If you have a choice, choose your own high profit, operability (can effectively control the price and supply), big website explosion. If it is a fixed new product, dig the highlights of the product, must have characteristics


2, Optimize products: mainly title optimization, main chart and rotation chart optimization, detail page optimization. Pay attention to be compliant, and highlight the selling point of the product, and set a reasonable price (not necessarily the bottom price is easy to sell)


3, set up related promotion: this hot product is associated with this product. If you need to push this product can be placed on the home page. Each platform is different, but basically have, the background to find a good


4, can go up the activity, go up. Appropriate incentives to promote the purchase of old customer service, which is the basis of sales.


5, after a certain amount of sales must remember to evaluate maintenance, a bad review will not only affect your shop score, but also greatly affect your product conversion rate


6. Publicity: various channels of publicity inside and outside the station. Soft text, large and some free traffic of the website itself and so on