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How to cook fish soup with frozen fish more delicious?

2018-04-07 16:00:08

With the continuous development of the Internet, many places where you can exchange life experience have gradually increased. Today, I will share with you some tips on how to make fish soup fresher.


People's living standards continue to improve, so people pay more attention to eating experience.


Today I'm going to tell you how to take a long-frozen fish out of the refrigerator and make it fresh when making soup.


We know that the longer fish stays in the freezer, the worse it tastes, so what can we do?


The first step is to soak the frozen fish in milk for half an hour.


The second step is to put some milk in the fish soup, which will make the fish taste more vivid.


Because the longer the fish is stored in the refrigerator, the less fresh the fish will become, and soaking in milk can make the fish taste better, and then putting some milk in the fish soup will make the fish soup more delicious. How's it going, boys?