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How to convert Pdf to word, one easy solution

2018-04-21 09:36:49

How to convert Pdf to word? In today's workplace, there are more and more different file formats. Among these file formats, pdf files are currently used more and more widely. Pdf files have good compatibility, high security, and a good reading experience, so they are favored by the majority of workplace workers. But the file format also has a disadvantage, is very troublesome to edit, can not directly open the file to modify the content. In this case, you need to convert the pdf file to a word document to edit and modify the contents of the file. The following Xiaobian will tell you how to convert pdf to word.


Computer/Browser /pdf file


pdf files are only suitable for reading, saving and transmission due to their characteristics. When the pdf file content error is found, not only can not be edited directly, but also can not copy and paste into word to edit again. Therefore, you can only find a way to convert the pdf file into a word document, and then complete the modification of the file content. You can first search the keywords in the browser pdf to word online conversion, and then click on the search to enter the relevant pages.


After entering the web page, you can see that there is a large [PDF to Word] icon in the page, click the mouse to select the icon.


Then it will be converted into a new page, click on the page to select the "click to select file" option, and add the pdf file to the page.


Then at the bottom of the page you will see a "Custom Settings conversion", where there are several Settings options. Each choice will be set according to their own conversion needs.


If you have more pdf files that need to be converted to word documents, you can click the "Continue to add" option in the page to add other pdf files to the page. Then click the "Start conversion" option on the right to complete the conversion of multiple pdf files.


The operation process of converting pdf to word requires a little waiting. You will also be told how long you expect the conversion to take to complete.


When the conversion operation is complete, click the "Preview" option under the file thumbnail to see if the pdf is successfully converted to word. Then click the "Download Now" option in the lower right corner and save it on your computer.


If you are in daily work, you need to frequently complete the operation of pdf to word. Then you can install a pdf converter with pdf to word function in your computer. It is more convenient to operate every day and can also improve work efficiency.


First open the pdf converter in the computer and enter the operation interface. In the operation interface, use the mouse to click [PDF to other files] -- [file to Word].


Double-click the mouse to open the file that saved the pdf file, then left click to select the pdf file to be converted, and drag the file to the converter.


Below the converter, you can set the format of the converted word document. You can also set the conversion mode before the conversion begins.


Then click the "original folder" button in the upper part of the converter, you can store the converted word document in the folder where the original pdf file is stored. In this way, after the conversion operation is completed, it is easy to find and use the file.


Then you can use the mouse to click the "Start conversion" option in the lower right corner of the converter, and the pdf converter will start converting the pdf file in the converter.


After a little wait, the conversion operation is complete. Friends click the folder icon under the "Open" option in the converter, you can automatically open the converted word document for reference; Click the icon under the "Share" option in the converter to share the converted document with others.


In the above article content, Xiaobian has told you how to convert pdf into word. And Xiaobian also tells two different methods, but also the method of operation step by step demonstration to everyone. I hope you can read and learn the teaching content of the article carefully. In this way, when you encounter the same conversion problem at work in the future, you can solve it easily.