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How to connect LCD TV to DVD

2018-04-23 17:37:00

It depends on what ports your DVD player and TV come with. Video: Best through the HDMI interface, followed by YUV (that is, red, green and blue three-color line), and then CVBS (that is, AV terminal, this video will not be very clear) audio: The simplest is to connect the DVD's external output to the TV's external input port (written AUX or Line Out, Line IN, red and white line), if you support more interfaces, you can try to connect to the digital audio interface (such as fiber optic, coaxial, etc.), there is also support for Bluetooth wireless connection, see what your machine can support. LCD TV to connect DVD player method steps: 1, need a DVD player, a TV, a red, white and yellow AV composite video cable; 2, the red, white and yellow AV video cable end three plugs, insert the DVD player back AV output port; (Note that the color of the line and the port should correspond one by one) 3, the other end of the red, white and yellow AV video cable three plugs, insert the AV input port on the back of the TV; 4, the DVD player and TV successfully connected, start the DVD player and TV; 5, use the TV remote control operation, switch the TV channel to AV (video) channel, the TV will appear DVD player start screen, indicating that the DVD player has been perfectly connected to the TV, at this time you can play the movie in the DVD player, the picture and sound will appear on the TV.