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How to clean and maintain the cutting board

2018-05-11 17:36:24

We eat in the kitchen every day. The cleanliness of the POTS and pans in the kitchen is also our main concern. A little cutting board, which we often use. Cutting fish, meat and vegetables, over and over again every day. How can we keep our cutting board clean and hygienic? Let's take a look at cleaning and maintenance tips.


1. Cleaning and disinfecting the cutting board with vinegar is difficult to remove the smell left on the cutting board after cutting fish and meat. At this time, we only need to use the following edible vinegar that we often use to cleverly remove the smell. Pour some of the vinegar on the cutting board, rub it on with a clean rag a few times, then rinse it off and leave it in a dry, ventilated place to dry.


2, use boiled water to clean and disinfect the color plate, if we want to clean. After rinsing the surface of the dirt, we can use boiling water to rinse the cutting board. You can eliminate most of the bacteria and dirt on the cutting board. Clean and let dry in a dry place with copper powder.


3. Wet the cutting board with salt cleaning and disinfection, and then sprinkle a thin layer of edible salt on the cutting board to prevent it from rinsing after half an hour, which can also kill most of the bacteria and maintain the hygiene of the cutting board.


4. Use ginger to disinfect and cut a small piece of ginger. After washing the cutting board for the first time, wipe it with ginger on the cutting board. After wiping it again, rinse it and continue to wipe it again. A few more wipes will get rid of the fishy smell.


5, sun exposure If you can have good weather, you can put the cutting board in the sun. The ultraviolet rays of the sun can not only kill most bacteria, but also remove most of the water accumulated by the cutting board, keeping the cutting board clean and dry.


6, cutting board separate special conditions can buy some special cutting board, vegetables and meat are used separately, you can avoid cross pollution between the two.