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How to choose the right wedding band

2018-03-17 04:48:00

More and more modern people do not want to stick to the traditional form of wedding, but hope to show their own characteristics in the wedding. And now no moving ceremony can lack of music, the wedding is the same, the meaning of music for the wedding, not only as a background, but also for the development of the wedding rendering and expression, if you can choose a good wedding band, your wedding will be a lot of color. So how should couples choose a wedding band? Let's go to understand it together!


Before deciding to use a band, it is best to fully understand the situation, the wedding is a special occasion, playing in the noise of the guests and attractive people need a certain level of experience and understanding of the wedding, so it is necessary to understand whether the band has a relatively rich experience in the wedding performance. At the same time, for the band's cooperation time and band members' performance qualifications, it is best to have a rough assessment, most wedding bands are part-time, so there are often conflicts in the schedule and need to temporarily change the situation, so it is best to have one or two fixed replacements on the basis of existing personnel, in addition, the band's dress should be decent and standardized.


Wedding venue conditions Wedding venue conditions are a prerequisite for choosing what kind of wedding band, you must understand the size of the wedding venue, audio equipment and audio control conditions, such as: Some bands need a relatively high venue to be effective, and if they cannot cooperate, they need to reconsider. Some welcome areas may be limited, so you can choose to use a violin solo instead of a string quartet. Some bands will bring their own stereo, and some hope that the wine will provide audio equipment. Do not have to deliberately create operational difficulty in order to pursue the ideal effect, piano duet, but soft and romantic suitable for the atmosphere of the wedding, but the piano setting is really a troublesome problem, if not the wedding venue itself, basically difficult to achieve.


Before choosing a wedding band, you must first determine your wedding style, and then combine your wedding to find a band with the same style. In recent years, the piano, harp and violin on behalf of elegance, guitar, bass and drum on behalf of fashion, and hulusi on behalf of national school, Guzheng have been quite popular. If your wedding has an evening party, it is more popular to invite a rock band with a more fashionable style. If it is a dinner party, the use of the violin to walk among the guests is more interesting. The wedding with strong Chinese style can consider the mix and match of piano and national instruments, and the effect is also very good. Therefore, before inviting the wedding band, it is necessary to carefully study the style of the band, whether it can be consistent with its own wedding style and play its due role.


It is very important to communicate with the wedding consultant, especially the wedding officiant, in advance. The whole wedding process is controlled by the officiant, while when and how the band appears depends on the scheduling of the wedding planner. The relationship between the three is just like the relationship between actors, hosts and directors in a party. The band should get a detailed wedding planning book in advance, make clear the timing of their appearance in the wedding, and grasp the compatibility of the presented music and the entire wedding process.


As long as you can provide a complete set list, almost any band can play either appropriate or nostalgic songs. For the first dance, you want to be very thoughtful, you want to be familiar, but not too cheesy. If you are not familiar with the songs, you can also ask the band leader to give you the set list so that you can label your favorite songs. It should be noted that the music should be cheerful when welcoming and sending guests, and the background music should be soft and soothing when guests make speeches, and the volume should not cover the voice of people; Also avoid overly rhythmic tunes during meals.


Do a good job of the wedding budget band quotation is usually calculated by the hour, of course, is also calculated per person per hour, especially foreign bands, different forms of band charges are also very different, inquiry also understand the other party in the process of playing included in the rest time how much, more than the scheduled playing time part of the charge, etc. Invite the band must take into account their own wedding budget, do what you can, and have a number in mind in advance to avoid unnecessary additional costs when the time comes.