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How to choose professional outdoor flashlight

2018-04-19 16:00:20

For outdoor enthusiasts, the fun of camping, orienting, hiking and other activities, make them crazy, outdoor sports projects cover a wide range, but there is a common, compared with indoor sports, outdoor sports security risks will be greater, so this requires outdoor enthusiasts, in addition to having a heart to advocate freedom, but also have the corresponding outdoor rescue theory, And a professional outdoor outfit. In the choice of outdoor equipment, the flashlight is a very important link, so how to choose this professional outdoor flashlight?


Reliable quality, stable performance for the quality of the flashlight, the biggest difference with the daily flashlight is that the daily flashlight in case of quality problems, the impact is small, and the outdoor flashlight in case of this quality problem is not bright, the impact is often huge, and even fatal. Different from the indoor outdoor environment, full of unknown variables, which requires professional outdoor flashlight to have higher requirements for quality, in addition to keeping bright the most basic function, but also to ensure the normal function of each gear, parts fine chisel and so on.


Outdoor environment to adapt to the outdoor environment often have mud, swamps, streams and other natural factors, the general flashlight will often be damaged because of these environments, and professional outdoor flashlight, must solve these basic problems. In the flashlight industry, the world's widely recognized industry standard is the American National Standards Association standard, the flashlight brand Saiwitt has a T5 new product, in the outdoor environment adaptability, in line with the American ANSI flashlight standard. 1) Drop resistance. Outdoor activities are often accompanied by high-intensity physical movement, even ordinary slow speed is often on uneven roads, so the flashlight will often slip and hit hard objects. According to the test conditions, the T5 flashlight will free fall from a height of 1.5 meters to the reinforced concrete ground with a thickness of 100px in different directions. The luminous flux before and after the fall is basically not affected, and the function of the flashlight is normal. 2) Water resistance. The T5 flashlight meets the IPX-8 standard, which is also the most reliable waterproof standard for outdoor flashlight. The T5 flashlight is placed in a 2 meter deep waterproof reservoir in the light state, and all functions still operate normally after 30 minutes, and it is no problem to fight against rain. Many shallow rivers can also be fully adapted. 3) Other outdoor environments. In addition, in the environment of high temperature, high temperature movement, low temperature, low temperature movement, outdoor flashlight needs to be able to cope with, although these environments are not necessarily encountered, but can adapt to these environments well, is a qualified outdoor flashlight is an important standard.


The function of outdoor sports Outdoor flashlight is very important to keep the light for enough time to dominate. At present, the strong light flashlight usually uses a rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion battery as a power source, and the strong light continuous lighting time is usually 2.5 hours. From the point of view of battery life, the capacity of Saiwit flashlight is the real standard, which attenuates to 10% of the brightness of the given gear to calculate the battery life, and does not play word games to confuse consumers and outdoor lovers; The other is the battery cell, Saiwitt battery 2600mah using the best domestic battery brand Bic, 3400mah using the world's best battery brand Panasonic, these 2 points can guarantee the battery life; In terms of safety, the Sewitt 18650 uses a first-class original battery cell, which absolutely guarantees safety. There is also a professional outdoor flashlight, such as Saiwit T5 flashlight, will have a weak light gear, which is actually the expansion of the battery life, the light is weak, the battery life will be more durable, to avoid unnecessary light waste, which is suitable for some special situations outdoors. In addition, the professional outdoor flashlight should have the function of survival signal. Sewit T5 flashlight is specially equipped with SOS function, with flashing effect, can be used as a signal light at a critical moment, once in distress, you can send a signal for help in time, attract the attention of rescuers, to avoid greater damage. It can be said that Sewitt flashlight tests products with ANSI as the standard, but the enterprise standards formulated are more demanding than ANSI, and the products are more high-quality and perfect, and all this is to protect the life safety of outdoor lovers.