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How to choose a point reading pen? Which brand of reading pen is good?

2018-03-16 08:00:00

Point reading pen is a very popular early education product. It is made of an electronic pen, when used, when the point reading pen is placed on its supporting textbooks, the pen tip can identify the graphics and text on the textbooks, and then read the pronunciation. So, how to buy a point reading pen? Which brand of reading pen is good? Here is a little experience and reference for those who are thinking of buying or hesitating.


Brand choice brand represents the strength of the home, choose the brand, choose rest assured. The big brand's point reading pen directly guarantees the quality of the product. Good point reading pen brand will apply the most advanced point reading technology, audio books by a number of senior early childhood education experts to guide, carefully compiled, to provide scientific and advanced early education for Chinese babies.


Quality is good or bad purchase point reading pen must look at the quality of the product, children use things need to pay more attention to quality, because it is also related to the health of the child, high-quality point reading pen on the product often excellence, in the strict management system will have first-class quality, and have passed ISO9000 international quality system certification and national 3C certification, The well-known certification also directly reflects the high-quality theory and technical strength.


The principle of the content and book point reading pen is to identify the representation of the book, find the content stored in the memory, and read it out. More memory means more content can be loaded. Conversely, the more books you have, the more memory you need. In particular, the first generation of point reading pen, the book is less, and the point is not much use. Now the new point reading pen can pass the point, which means that there are a large number of books can be read, and you can also make audio textbooks, this function is also worth considering. Since you can pass the point, the point reading pen must have the ability to download updates.