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How to choose a loud and gentle name for a child

2018-03-02 09:36:00

A good name has a great impact on people's life, it represents the ardent expectations of parents, and represents your life attributes, and represents the special historical period and place of birth and other information. So choosing a name is tricky, not just that it stays with you for the rest of your life.


When choosing a name, it is necessary to find out the specific time of the birth of the child, lest the name may hide some unlucky meaning.


When taking a name, we should take into account what homophony its name may produce, so as not to be misheard by others when making relevant registration for the child.


It is necessary to determine which category of the five elements the relevant circumstances of the birth of the child belong to and to name it according to the basis of each other.


Put the parents' ardent expectations for their children into words, and consult the relevant authoritative dictionary for verification.


Understand the historical period of the child's birth, in line with the aesthetic requirements and value pursuit of contemporary people, so as not to bring trouble to the child's name, because it may be other partners to make fun of him.


Try not to make your name too popular.


Put all the above conditions together, and the resulting name is absolutely unconventional.