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How to choose a high-quality induction cooker?

2018-05-11 14:24:14

1, with sensitive self-protection function, the key component of electromagnetic cooker - output switching field effect crystal IGBT, long-term work in ultra-high voltage, high power state. Limited to the product cost and the parameter level of the device, it is impossible to leave a large margin in the design. Therefore, during the working process, when the power supply voltage exceeds the normal range, especially when the transient shock generated during the switching of the power supply, resulting in the excessive load of the IGBT, the temperature rise inside the appliance, the iron pan leaving the stove board or no load, the IGBT may be destroyed by exceeding its limit working conditions. Therefore, the application of single-chip microcomputer technology to set up various protective devices for induction cooker is the basic guarantee of normal use of induction cooker. The usual protection devices mainly have four kinds, such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent and overheating. 2, the temperature control characteristics of the bottom of the pot, the heat of the bottom of the pot is directly transmitted to the ceramic glass on the induction cooker. Glass-ceramics are ceramic materials with certain thermal conductivity. Therefore, the temperature detection thermal sensor is usually installed in the center of the bottom of the glass plate to detect the temperature of the bottom of the pot. In addition, a thermistor is installed on the surface of the IGBT heat sink to control the operating temperature of the IGBT. 3, the power automatic adjustment function, the product quality is better electromagnetic cooker products, should have the output power automatic adjustment function. This improves the appliance's adaptability to external power sources and load. While some electromagnetic cooktops do not have this function, when the power supply voltage rises, the output power rises rapidly; When the power supply voltage drops, the power decreases significantly, which will bring inconvenience to use and affect the cooking quality. 4, electromagnetic compatibility characteristics, this performance involves interference with other household appliances, such as: interference with the work of television, radio and other appliances, and harm to the human body. Usually, this index can be improved by two measures, one is to set LC filter circuit in the power supply loop, or use metal enclosure to absorb the leakage magnetic field; Second, in the pot detection, the pulse test method is used to control the average radiation power within the minimum limit. 5, reliability and effective life, the reliability index of electromagnetic cooker, generally expressed by the average trouble-free working time (MTGF), the unit is "hour". For all products with good quality performance, its MTGF should be more than 6000 hours. Of course, the life of the induction cooker is related to the life of the main components, but also depends on the use of the appliance environment and daily maintenance and other issues. 6, appearance and structure, all products with good quality performance, generally clean appearance, bright coating, clear pattern, bright color, plastic parts without obvious convex and concave, tight upper and lower cover, giving a sense of comfort, reasonable internal structure layout, solid installation, good ventilation, reliable contact, stove board to choose microcrystalline ceramic glass is better; If the tempered glass is selected, the performance is slightly worse.