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How to choose a child's bed Which child's bed is most suitable?

2018-04-10 20:48:38

Every little baby is an angel, is a gift from God, young father, mother how can bear to see the little baby has a little sad! So when you choose the crib that accompanies your baby for the longest time, do you want to ask what is the best? Don't worry. I'll tell you today.


According to preference


Each baby is a unique spirit, but these elves, they like and young parents like the same? So choose or ask the baby's opinion first, if the baby is too small, it is a pity that only Bao dad and Bao mom can do it.




Whether it is the choice of child beds or the layout of children's rooms, this can not be ignored. Because living in an environment for a long time will cause different degrees of psychological implication, which has a certain impact on the character of the little baby. This is the same way that people often associate purple with melancholy. If you often live in pink, orange these warm colors, will make the baby's heart more soft; If it is blue, green, these cool colors will make the baby more independent.




How amazing is the growth rate of baby after birth, look back at the photos of all of us as children to know. So the size of the bed is also a key consideration. There are many beds on the market that can be changed, and some beds can not only be changed, but also change desks and sofas. The degree of change can be comparable to "changing in a second." What is really called "change as you like, change as you want" ah!




When the baby is too small, the choice of fence must be the most important. Psychological studies have shown that the smaller the space you sleep in, the more secure you feel and the better your sleep quality will be. Little baby is no exception, the fence is more dense, higher will have a good psychological suggestion to the little baby. But not too high, easy to cause stress. From a safety point of view, these are also very necessary, if the fence spacing is too large, it is easy to jam the baby's head; If the fence is too low, it is easy to make the baby out of the bed and dangerous. So try to choose a dense and highly appropriate fence, but also pay attention to the fence should not have protrusion and sharp decorative items around the fence, to avoid hooking the baby's clothing or scratching the baby.




Of course, the same price is the more functions the better ah, but in the face of small baby function or choose the next good, personally think that the storage space of the baby bed will be very practical, because the small baby will have a lot of toys, storage space, it will be very convenient.


Environmental protection


This is not only for the baby bed, the selection of all furniture should be noted. But the baby bed should pay particular attention, because the baby's immunity is too immature, and the baby is sensitive to the surrounding environment. Therefore, the selection should pay attention to whether the plate is synthetic, if it is synthetic, it is recommended to give up! Because the synthetic plate will have hardener, waterproofing agent and other chemical raw materials, these raw materials will release many harmful substances to the human body, so choose solid wood! It's a little expensive, but we're doing it for the baby! Then pay attention to the smell of the eyes and nose, if there is a high formaldehyde content, it is best to look at the content of formaldehyde in the certificate presented next time to be foolproof.

Matters needing attention

If you choose a solid wood crib, try not to use it immediately, place it for a period of time, and disperse the paint smell before use.


In short, I hope you can carefully remember the above purchasing skills and methods, so that you can buy a satisfying baby bed oh. In addition, we also hope that people should shop around more, so that there will be more opportunities to buy a suitable baby bed. If you still do not know how to buy, you can take a look at the following reference link for everyone recommended oh. Finally, I wish you all a happy life.