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How to buy solar energy

2018-04-17 03:12:55

At present, the solar energy brand on the market is increasing, but the price is much different, what kind of sun can be used is safe without hidden dangers, longer service life


The purchase of solar energy first depends on the appearance of the workmanship is beautiful, the appearance is the first impression we buy things.


How does the thermal insulation effect of solar energy depend on the density of the insulation layer of the water tank and the vacuum degree of the vacuum


This article is based on experience


Talk about the vacuum degree of vacuum, when looking at the vacuum is generally listen to, put the mouth of the vacuum on the ear can hear the buzzing sound, is generally a good vacuum


The safety of solar energy is also what we care about, how to be safe? The first is to prevent excessive lead, and the second is to prevent electricity in the water


How to prevent lead from exceeding the standard, most copper parts on the market are recycled copper on the circuit board, with solder, and the lead in solder can not be extracted. Good copper parts are generally made of high-quality brass hot forging, and the lead content is controlled within the national standard


How to prevent electricity in water? The electric heating on the general market is easy to corrodes with ordinary stainless steel. It is good to choose Ingle 800 material nickel chromium content of more than 55 percent, can resist dry burning for more than 72 hours


This is a complete solution, safe and secure