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How to buy eyeshadow

2018-04-20 14:24:51

For women who love to wear full makeup, eyeshadow is an essential part of makeup. Many people now eyeshadow I think will choose the more recent fire, really bought later found that they use and others use the feeling is completely different, so in the purchase of eyeshadow, you need to consider many aspects, remember that not all eyeshadow are suitable for you, not all eyeshadow can be very good makeup, I hope my share can be helpful to you about to buy eyeshadow, The following information is for reference only.


First, choose more and more comprehensive colors when choosing eyeshadow, even if you may not use it but it will definitely be useful, and a lot of colors will be particularly beautiful when they collide.


Second, if you do not know whether to choose matte or pearlescent, it is recommended to choose both eyeshadow, matte for life makeup, pearlescent can brighten, so both are the best.


This page is an illegal climb taken from experience


Fourth, when choosing eyeshadow, it is best to try it on the hand to see if there is a phenomenon of flying powder, if the flying powder is serious, do not choose directly, if it is purchased online, you can consult the bought.


Fifth, when choosing eyeshadow, we should choose according to the occasion that we usually appear, and the eyeshadow that can create the characteristic makeup is the best, and the color should not be too uniform.


Sixth, when choosing eye shadow, whether the powder is delicate and good smudge, you can try it on your hand, if it is not good, it is best not to choose, even if the color is particularly beautiful.


Seventh, when choosing eyeshadow to see if it is suitable for spring and summer color, to see if it can be matched with their own clothes, it is best not to buy a particularly strange color, natural best.