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How to buy an electric shaver

2018-04-21 01:36:45

Because there are many kinds of electric shavers, their structural principles, performance characteristics, price usage and so on are not consistent. Therefore, the general principle of purchasing electric shavers is: adapt to local conditions and adjust measures to different people. For example, where there is no AC power. Or often need to carry users out. The rotary or reciprocating electric brake knife with dry battery as power supply should be preferred; Where there's an AC power drop. Or users often use at home, it is best to buy AC electric or rechargeable electric shaver; Hope to adapt to the use of various occasions, should first consider the purchase of AC, charging and dry battery three electric shaver, and then choose from the following aspects:


Look at the quality of appearance: whether the shape and color meet the requirements and preferences of the buyer.


Thin beard, soft, smooth skin and require stubble shaved shorter, can choose vibration reciprocating electric shaver or general rotary electric shaver. If the beard is thick, rough, and the skin is rough, you should buy a rectangular slit external knife razor, a circular slit external knife razor or a three-disc, two-disc rotary electric brake knife.


If the beard is long, both shave and trim the sideburns. It is appropriate to buy a versatile electric shaver.


When choosing a rechargeable electric shaver, it is best to choose a cylinder-sealed nickel fuke battery, and it requires convenient charging, safe and reliable, and long service life. When choosing an electric shaver with a dry battery as a power source, it is best to choose a alkali manganese battery or manganese dry battery. And try to choose to use the I battery. A product with good contact and easy battery replacement.


Turn on the power supply to make the electric shaver enter the no-load running state. It is required that the operation is light, the sound is small and uniform and stable, there is no obvious vibration, there is no obvious light and heavy fluctuation noise, and the insulation performance must be good, and there should not be any numbhand overelectric phenomenon.


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Check whether the switch, button, side rolling shear, etc., is reliable and flexible, check the operation manual, the outer knife guard, etc., is complete and intact.


Post-use maintenance, such as cleaning, oil injection, etc., should be convenient and easy, and the accumulation of waste such as dandruff and dander should be separated from other structures of the razor, so as to avoid dandruff and dander entering other structures and affecting the performance of the razor.