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How to breed golden marbles?

2018-03-06 16:00:00

The shape of the golden marble is beautiful, the fruit is shaped like a pellet, so it is called "golden marble", now there are many people like to raise the golden marble, there are many kinds of golden marble reproduction methods, let's take a look.


Pick the ripe golden marble fruit, remove the seeds inside, wash them and let them dry. Soak the seeds in warm water at about 30 ° C, take them out after two days, put them in a container that can leak, cover with wet gauze, wait until the seeds break and germinate, and sow them in the seedling bed or in a container. Soil is best to choose loose breathable good nutrient soil, pay attention to keep the soil moist.


It is best to use two-year or three-year branches for cutting, 1-2cm thick, fast germination, fast rooting, if the branches are too tender, easy to rot, if the branches are too old, the rooting process is too slow. In terms of soil, it is best to use breathable sandy soil as the substrate, pure river sand as the top quality, before use can be exposed to the sun disinfection, can not use nutritious soil, easy to rot.


Mainly to sow and propagate the golden marble seedlings as rootstock grafting fruit tree branches, can also be used gold marble male plant as rootstock, grafting fruit tree branches, take the method of high marriage to change the male plant into a female plant, let its fruit, improve the ornamental value.


Generally, select small plants that are spreading on the tree stump or rhizome for transplantation, and remember to cut off the main root when transplanting, and retain the side roots and fibrous roots as much as possible. It is best to use tile POTS or ground planting, which can improve its survival rate. After transplantation, it can be placed in a warm, moist and cool place. The key is to maintain the humidity of the leaves and the surrounding air during the maintenance process.


The thick trunk of the original bonsai was cut and soaked in the tree for 2 days before burying the pole. The root took root faster and the survival rate was higher than that of the branch material without soaking. Or soak in 1-2%-sucrose water for 24 hours, so that the branches absorb some nutrients and water, easier to root.


In China, golden marbles are mainly distributed in Jishou and other areas. If you happen to be in these areas, you can go to the wild to look for them. Many people go to the mountains to look for and dig for gold marbles, and find that wild gold marbles are generally grown on cliffs or near humid environments and streams, and their roots have a very strong ability to cling to stones, so they are found on the cliffs. Before you go looking for it, you must thoroughly understand the knowledge of golden marbles so as not to make mistakes.