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How to be a happy fool

2018-03-17 14:24:00

Does anyone want to be a fool? I think there are few people in the world who would answer YES, in fact, I want to tell you proudly, I want to tell you loudly that I want to be a fool. A fool eats his own drink his own, does not steal, does not rob and does not cheat, what others say he does not care, he only knows to smile.




Fools stand tall. Others laugh at him, he is not unaware, just because he has a big stomach, he wants to accommodate the world can accommodate things.


A fool has a good mind. Don't look at his silly smile all day, he just sneers at the ridiculous people in the world.


A fool is wise. Although he doesn't care about anything, he just thinks that there is nothing worth caring about in life.


A fool is wise. When others call him a fool, he is not deaf to it, he just feels that people who belittle others are often self-depreciating.


A fool is kind. A fool will not put on AIRS to anyone, because he thinks that equality is a blessing of society.


Fools are not afraid of hardship and tiredness. People who only know that they work hard will say that he is stupid, but because of such people, we will feel that this society also needs to pay.