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How to achieve the best results with sliding door installation

2018-02-28 04:48:00

Before installing the sliding door, do you know how to achieve the best effect?


Before measuring the need to decide what position to do the door;


After the location is determined, you can go to the well-known brand owners of professional stores (salespeople are more experienced) to consult, mainly to understand the material that should be used in the moving door, light transmission, sound insulation, dry and wet separation needs, which will bring about the difference in material;


Discuss some requirements of the moving door with the carpentry master of the home improvement construction, reserve the installation position of the moving door, and plan the reserved position according to the relevant data consulted in the store, in order to achieve the best installation conditions and ensure the effect of the building door moving door;


The woodworker will do a good job of the door cover, where the floor or floor tile is needed;


Go to the store to determine the final type, material and color, advance deposit, home measurement;


Commercial production, make an appointment after production door installation time;


Communicate with the business the best installation time of the door, when the installation conditions have not reached the basic conditions, do not rush to install, the decoration is easy to make the door injury, usually before and after cleaning door installation is best.

Matters needing attention

The effect of the door also depends on the product itself, generally speaking, the quality of the door is more guaranteed by choosing a well-known brand, and it is necessary to pay attention to whether the installation team is professional and whether the after-sales service system is perfect.