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How should pregnant women prevent radiation, which brand of anti-radiation clothing is good

2018-05-12 12:48:39

When it comes to radiation prevention, many people think of pregnant women first, yes, in contrast, pregnant women are the most important people to pay attention to radiation prevention. Electrical appliances are everywhere in our lives now, and electromagnetic radiation is naturally everywhere. However, long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation in the environment will cause certain harm to the human body, especially for pregnant women with low immunity, which will lead to teratus or pregnant women's abortion. So, for pregnant women, how to prevent radiation? Which brand of radiation protective clothing is good?


1, the right amount of exercise the right amount of aerobic exercise, not only can improve the immunity of pregnant women, but also help natural delivery. Pregnant women can choose to take a walk after meals, or do some yoga under the guidance of a professional teacher.


2, green plants Pregnant women can put some green plants next to electrical appliances, not only beautify the environment, but also absorb indoor harmful substances. Cactus, prickly pear, red view plants are the best plants to prevent radiation, with the absorption of electromagnetic radiation, reduce the computer harm to human health "special function".


3, away from the radiation source the best way to prevent radiation is to stay away from the radiation source. Therefore, pregnant women should not stay at home for a long time, but go out and walk more to breathe fresh air. Don't play with the computer for a long time; Do not stand on the back of the computer, because the back of the computer is the most radiation; Try to stay away from the place where electrical appliances are concentrated in the home, and pay attention to indoor ventilation.


4, healthy diet In the daily diet, you can add some food with anti-radiation effect. Cruciferous vegetables rape, green vegetables, radishes and so on, these have the function of anti-radiation. Black sesame can enhance the body's cellular immunity, humoral immunity function, but also protect the health of pregnant mothers, amaranth can also be anti-radiation, anti-mutation, antioxidant, green tea contains tea polyphenols are anti-radiation substances, can also reduce the adverse effects of various radiation on the human body, tea also contains lipopolides, can improve the body's hematopoietic function, increase platelets and white blood cells and so on.


The above methods can prevent the harm of electromagnetic radiation to a certain extent, but if it is to be very effective radiation protection, pregnant women can buy a pregnant woman radiation protection clothing, can be more comprehensive shielding electromagnetic radiation. The radiation protective clothing uses the induced current generated by the loop composed of metal fibers in the clothing, and the induced current generates a reverse electromagnetic field for shielding.