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How should a new entrant in the workplace handle himself

2018-03-17 08:00:00

People in this life will always leave a warm place, into the trend of society, just entered the workplace will you feel powerless?


Put a smile on your face. Don't say you should say hello to your co-workers every morning. At least do it with a smile. Just imagine, no one wants to work with a guy who's always pulling his face.


Professional ethics, if you want to ask or inquire about something he should not know, please say no. Even if he promises not to tell others will not say out, but the heart is separated from the belly, in case the news leaks, the pot is your own, such as salary.


Do your job, do not gossip, do not talk, do not watch Bill's jokes during the work, do yourself the most important,


When dealing with your boss, if you make a mistake and your boss scolds you, don't talk back or talk back, just listen carefully and make sure you don't make the same mistake twice next time. Even if it is not your fault, when your boss scolds you, you do not immediately reply, and when he is finished, you explain to him, he will be embarrassed.


Get along with colleagues, more serious less intense, is the fault of others immediately correct, is their own fault immediately corrected, on the basis of not violating the principle, can endure, but can not be one two can not three.


The desk should be clean and orderly, and the data should be classified and organized, so that it can be found in the first time when it is needed to avoid unnecessary trouble.


Do work during work time. Don't do non-work during work time. Workers in overalls must wear overalls and obey uniform arrangements.

Matters needing attention

At the beginning of the work inevitably everywhere hit the wall and frustrated, learn to resolve their emotions is also very important


From the workplace to become a great god is a process, do not rush for quick success and do something that makes yourself or others hurt or regret.