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How old is mami, the lead singer of Wangfu

2018-05-13 14:24:49

Wangfu lead singer mami27 years old. Wangfu has always been born to be a small man. I especially like their unique way of thinking, making everything very enjoyable, and then there are strange lyrics, always make me very inexplicable happy, maybe this is the born small people. Wangfu, Taiwanese band. The army was officially formed on Christmas Eve 1998. Wangfu's band name was derived from a dog, and later one of the members, Twiggy, made Ringo, the family Basset dog, the band's biggest feature. Wangfu used to be referred to as an animal band because most of the songs they wrote were about animals, such as sheep. After signing into Fenghua Records, in the first album for the first time to try to write a plant song called "Peach Elegy", the lyrics are both creative and absurd, very realistic since the group has participated in many spring cry, wild Tai opening, ocean music Festival and other large-scale music activities, as well as in Taipei Vibe, underground society, Riverbank message, Sacred World and other Live House performances.