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How is the right nose often nasal congestion?

2018-04-21 19:12:41

The right nose often nasal congestion should be considered whether suffering from rhinitis, because in various rhinitis, nasal congestion is dominant, after the frequent occurrence of nasal congestion, attention should be paid to the timely choice of a regular professional hospital for detailed examination to find out whether he has rhinitis, at the same time, according to their own conditions, for the following kinds of rhinitis symptoms to determine what kind of rhinitis they are suffering from.


1, allergic rhinitis: Allergic rhinitis is caused by the nasal mucosa is highly sensitive to some components in the inhaled air, and its symptoms are very similar to a cold.


2, acute rhinitis: common Yu Song nasal mucosa acute inflammation, viral infection, and often secondary bacterial infection, the main symptoms of nasal congestion and increased secretions, early for the like nose, after becoming mucopurulent nasal discharge, patients can have low fever and body fat.


3, chronic rhinitis: the main symptoms of nasal congestion, light intermittent or alternate, heavy for continuous, increased nasal secretions.


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5. Caseous rhinitis: accumulation of caseous matter in the nose, odor, erosion of soft tissue and bone over time, occurrence of intranasal and external deformity. There were exfoliated epithelium, necrotic tissue, suppurating cells, cholesterol crystals, and mycotic microorganisms in caseous materials.


6, atrophic rhinitis: mainly nasal mucosa, periosteum and turbinate bone atrophy; Due to the atrophy of the nasal tissue, although the nasal cavity is relatively wide, the nasal mucosa has lost its normal physiological function, and because of the numbness of the nasal dry fat ding, the patient still feels poor ventilation. When there is a bacterial infection, its toxins and excrement produce a foul smell.


1. Drink more water, eat light, easy to digest and rich in nutrition, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, winter can eat more ginger, raw garlic can prevent colds. Resistance weak, usually eat some high-protein foods, such as lean meat, eggs, shrimp, fish, etc., to supplement physical strength, enhance disease resistance.


2. Promote the correct way to blow your nose: firmly press one side of the nose and gently throw out the mucus in the opposite nasal cavity to prevent complications in the bucket.


3. In order to discharge nasal secretions, warm normal saline can be used to flush the boundary cavity.