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How is the hand pump drained?

2018-04-30 08:00:45

SH-38 type hand pump is suitable for suction, gasoline, kerosene and non-corrosive liquids such as iron and copper, not suitable for liquids containing fiber or other solid particles. The temperature of the suction liquid is below 60℃ (refers to the leather bowl pump). Its performance range; The flow rate is 15-59 litre - min, and the maximum lift is 30 meters.


The significance of SH-38 hand pump model


SH-38 type hand pump structure principle


SH-38 type hand pump repair content


For example: SH-38; S- is the cup type, suitable for suction; SH- is a piston type, suitable for suction and delivery of oil liquids; 38- refers to the diameter of the suction and outlet of the pump in mm. Green times 07


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(1) When the hand pump used by the piston ring and the leather bowl is replaced by a piston type; First remove the pump cover, remove the piston ring, if found to be too much wear, replace the piston ring, if the piston ring elasticity is reduced, can not be attached to the pump body wall and the gap is too large, you must also replace the piston ring, check whether the piston ring is attached to the cylinder wall, can be measured by light leakage or water leakage test. When the hand pump used is a leather bowl type, remove the pump cover to see if the leather bowl is damaged, because the leather bowl is made of cowhide, it is likely to wear and break during use, so it must be replaced with a new leather bowl. 2, check the suction water valve each water pump has four water valves, that is, two suction valves and pressure water valves, are installed on the pump body, as long as the cover nut is removed, it can be removed. Check the key problem of the water valve, it is necessary to check whether the valve and the seat are close, that is, after a period of use, it may have been worn and corroded, causing water leakage, so the valve must be disassembled during maintenance, if it has been found to be uneven, it must be ground with abrasive sand, and the finish of the valve and the seat joint is △8.