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How does the national Dream get the building?

2018-04-19 19:12:16

Home country dream is a home construction game jointly launched by Tencent Joint Daily, using the semi-hung form to build our beautiful home. Architecture is an important way for us to get all kinds of revenue, so how can we get more and higher grade buildings?


Family and country dream


We open our game client, open our building in the interface, and we can see our current building in it.


The current building is divided into 3 qualities, blue common, purple, and gold rare.


The way to get the building is through the "quotient" button at the bottom, to find our red envelope interface, where there are three kinds of red envelopes.


By opening the red envelope, we can open the pieces of the building inside, but as long as it is a piece of the building can get the building.


The difference between different red envelopes is that the probability of drawing is different, and the probability of drawing a higher grade red envelope will also increase.


This information comes from experience