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How does Legend of Zhen Huan guide enterprises in product manufacturing and team building

2018-03-17 09:36:00

Since the popular time-travel drama Palace, Qing Dynasty dramas have flooded the screen, many of which are poorly made, but the broadcast of Legend of Zhen Huan has still caused an unprecedented effect, and its phenomenon is sobering. Like the Qing Palace drama, the homogenization of industrial products is becoming more and more serious, and the sales of many products have entered the vicious track of price war, so many enterprises are struggling, but there are also many enterprises to find a model suitable for their own survival and special, healthy development, why? Doing products, doing enterprises, it seems that the hit drama is not related to the two industries, two things, but think carefully about the hit drama is also a product that the director is interested in creating, it from the selection of scripts, casting, production, publicity to the hit, and the manufacturing of a product has the same wonderful!


In fact, whether it is The Legend of Zhen Huan or The Shocking Step by Step, these two popular works are already popular novels on the Internet before they are made into TV dramas, so the director chose this script to lay a good foundation for success. Of course, if our products can belong to the sustainable development of the industry, it is even more true. At the same time, the products in the same industry have their own unique characteristics, which also laid a good foundation for the future market.


Legend of Zhen Huan is praised by many industry insiders as the benchmark of ancient drama, mainly because the quality of the work is very exquisite, in order to achieve a high quality, the content of 90 episodes has been edited into 76 episodes. A few days ago to see an interview, just shot is the scene of the palace of the showgirl to see the queen, the screen of the voice-over heard someone say: "So and so gentleman, your gesture is inconsistent with several other people", in fact, the actor is said to be a supporting role, we did not see this person when watching the play, it will not see an action of this person, but this is a reflection of the degree of refinement of the two plays, and only this is what we see now. The creation of quality lies in the grasp of details, we do products also need such a spirit and concept, to create excellent products, we must be good at the process, polish attentively, pay attention to details, excellence.


Behind the success of Legend of Zhen Huan is a high-quality team. The level of directors and leading actors is needless to say, but it is precisely under their leadership that many supporting roles are also commendable. Even the director who was interviewed said that although many people think that the lead actor Chen Jianbin is not the prototype of the novel, his existence has driven the whole team in a sense, which shows the importance of a good team and a good leader. We want to make the best enterprises and products in the industry, it is useless to just shout slogans, in fact, we really need a well-trained team led by high-level personnel in the industry, this team needs skilled workers, but also needs people who can drive this team. With such a team supplemented by matching conditions, it is possible to do the best product. Therefore, for enterprises, the construction of the team and the training of key personnel in the team is always the focus of work!

Matters needing attention

Whether from the perspective of product manufacturing or enterprise management, there are many places that can be absorbed and discussed in this TV series, here is just a brick to introduce jade and make a summary of several aspects. Good works are seen by everyone, good experience is also promoted and shared from different angles, but how to use and insist on doing well is very different, only the summary of experience without practice and persistence, it is impossible to have a good product. From Desire, Man in New York to the current Legend of Zhen Huan, what we can see in these familiar TV works is not only the drama itself, it also reflects a director's process of growing up step by step. This process requires more than ideas and enthusiasm, and long-term persistence and unremitting efforts are especially precious! Ten years to sharpen a sword, benefit from the bitter cold!