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How does Hearthstone make cards

2018-04-21 16:01:00

Now Hearthstone legend of the sky ladder environment are all kinds of cancer card groups run rampant, now each complete set of cards can not rush to a high level. So, we need to make some cards that we're missing. How does Hearthstone make cards? Now let me introduce to you, I hope to help you.




First, we click Open Battle.net to open Hearthstone, as shown in the picture we click to start the game


After opening Hearthstone, we click on My Favorites as shown in the picture


After opening My Favorites page, then select Card Making


Then we find the position of the card that needs to be made. If it is a career card, we need to look for it on the career card surface, and then we right click on the card that needs to be made


Click and select Make


After successful crafting, the corresponding Arcane dust will be consumed, so if you do not have enough Arcane dust, you cannot craft

Matters needing attention

Sharing makes life better, I hope some of my life experience can bring you help! If there are any inadequacies in this experience, I hope you will point out that I will correct them in time.