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How does air conditioning distinguish between frequency conversion and fixed frequency

2018-04-17 19:12:59

Frequency conversion and fixed frequency of air conditioning are two different ways of working, and they have significant differences in energy efficiency, comfort and noise. The following explains how to distinguish between variable frequency and fixed frequency air conditioners to help you choose the type of air conditioner that suits your needs.


Refrigeration method: fixed frequency air conditioning: fixed frequency air conditioning using a traditional fixed speed compressor, through the switch to control the refrigeration effect. When the indoor temperature reaches the set value, the compressor stops working and restarts when the temperature rises. Variable frequency air conditioner: Variable frequency air conditioner adopts variable frequency speed regulation technology, which can adjust the compressor speed according to the real-time change of indoor temperature. This allows for precise control, avoids frequent switching on and off, and improves energy efficiency and comfort.


Energy efficiency ratio: fixed frequency air conditioning: Because the fixed frequency air conditioning has only a fixed operating speed, it can not be adjusted according to the actual demand, so it will be in excess cooling or heating state in part of the time, resulting in low energy efficiency. Variable frequency air conditioner: Variable frequency air conditioner can accurately adjust the operating speed according to the change of indoor temperature to avoid energy waste. Compared with fixed frequency air conditioning, variable frequency air conditioning has higher energy efficiency and more significant energy-saving effect.


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Noise: Fixed frequency air conditioner: Because the fixed frequency air conditioner only has a fixed speed during operation, the noise of the compressor and fan is relatively large. Variable frequency air conditioner: The variable frequency air conditioner can reduce the speed of the compressor and fan when adjusting the operating speed, thereby reducing the noise level and providing a quieter environment.