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How do you say "jie" or "xie"? What tone

2018-04-04 17:36:51

ji is lu, answer the third sound. Basic meaning: 1, solve, pronounce ji ji, jie, xie, hai, xian, from the horn to the knife from the cow, understanding. From the knife, from the cow, from the horn. It means to cut the horn open with a knife. Original meaning: decomposition of cattle, after the general refers to open. 2, cranium [lu], cap, also finger: skull, skull. The brain. The skull cavity. Cranium: the skull, head. It consists of cranial skull and facial skull. Make a sound. From the page (xie), Lu Sheng. From "page", meaning related to the header. Original meaning: cranium expansion data font evolution word source interpretation version "Shuowen Jie Zi" : solution, judgment also. Judge the horn from the knife. Once said to explain 廌, the beast also. The vernacular version of Shuo Wen Jie Zi: solve, separate, cut open. The font uses "knife" as the side, indicating that the horn is judged with a knife. According to one saying, it is to solve 廌, dissect the animal body. (1) To solve, also known as "solve". Sort it out and make a decision. 2, Answer explanation Answer (question) 3, explain the meaning, reasons, reasons, etc. 4, misunderstanding is not correctly understood 5, disintegrating tiles are broken. A metaphor for collapse or division or separation.