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How do you make a bracelet out of smoke

2018-04-04 08:00:54

Handy girl, do you know how to make a bracelet out of smoke? Come and see how!


These bracelets with suction knitting look very similar to the various silk and paracord bracelets we introduced to you before, but the production method is simpler and easier to learn, suitable for playing with children.


The main materials and tools required for knitting bracelets are: colored wool, scissors, decorative DIY sequins or beads (available on a treasure), suction, white glue, scotch tape or paper tape.


Cut a small notch at each end of the suction. Tip: We demonstrated using two suckers to knit the bracelet here, but you can also use three suckers, the method of knitting is the same as this article, and the resulting bracelet is also very beautiful.


Cut a piece of wool, through the suction, just cut through one end of the gap, with tape wrapped to secure, the other end in the suction to leave about 30 cm of length for use.


Pull a length of yarn from the ball of yarn with one hand (no need to cut it) and hold two pieces of yarn with the other hand. Wrap the pulled yarn around the two suckers, sort of like a figure 8 winding. Keep winding. Keep winding.


Keep winding the yarn on the suction, during which time it may be necessary to adjust the position of the suction to provide more winding space. After wrapping to a suitable length, remove all the wrapped yarn from the suction and cut off the yarn connected to the suction.


The ends of the yarn used for winding are knotted and fixed respectively with the ends of the yarn we reserved. Then the 3 strands of wool at both ends are woven into three strands of rope, and the knot is fixed after the braid to the end, and the bracelet is completed.