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How do universities use material fees to buy equipment

2018-04-14 01:36:10

The amount of material fees in the scientific research funds of colleges and universities should not be much, and the only way to use material fees to buy equipment is to use clever methods.


Business card


Find a merchant who can buy the equipment you want and also list the items.


Use the official card to swipe consumption, and then let the merchant give you the consumption of the same amount of consumables invoice, a set of blank list of goods.


Fill out the hard disk, U disk, keyboard and other material list in the blank commodity sales list.


Paste all vouchers (including invoice, POS, commodity list (warehouse entry link)), and ask the fund manager to sign. Remember to write your business card number on the statement.


Get the signed voucher to the asset management office of the university into low-value consumables (in fact, it is a stamp), low-value consumables do not need to be stored like fixed assets.


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Matters needing attention

Tip: The list must be stamped with the merchant's stamp. The contents of the list should not be exclusively controlled goods.