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How do I uninstall Software on iPhone? How do I delete apps completely on iPhone

2018-03-01 12:48:00

For the first time to use the iPhone friends will encounter the same question, that is, there are some uncommon or do not want to use the iPhone software, want to uninstall, how to operate? It's not like Android, where you go directly to the app and delete and uninstall it. Here, Xiaobian combined with graphics, to introduce these novices two methods, I hope to help you oh ~

Method one

This method is the simplest and most direct, beginners generally prefer to use, but sometimes will not clear thoroughly enough, on the iPhone page, find the software you want to uninstall, and then hold down the software icon with your finger long


Until all the software ICONS on the screen have a X in the upper left corner, and they are constantly jumping, then click the x in the upper left corner


The system prompts whether to delete the application, if deleted, all its data will also be deleted, if sure, click delete to uninstall the application

Method 2

This method is more hidden, and it will be more familiar to beginners to operate a few times, but it is also a more thorough way to clear data. Find the Settings option on the iPhone page and click to open it


Go to the Settings page, find the General field, and click to open it


In the open general use page, scroll down the page, you can find the usage column, click to open


Go to the usage page and open the storage space at the bottom of the page


On the Storage page, we can see all the apps we have installed, find the app we want to delete, and click Open


Go to the app's details page and click the Delete app button below


The system will pop up a prompt window at the bottom of the page to ask whether to delete the application. If deleting the application will delete its data. If you are sure, click Delete the application directly