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How do I freeze both rows and columns in excel

2018-05-10 20:48:06

Now, excel is used by a lot of people, so when we work in excel, how do we freeze both rows and columns in excel. Today let Xiaobian teach you how to freeze rows and columns at the same time in excel, come and learn from Xiaobian.


Demo tool: Dell laptop


Presentation software: Microsoft Excel 2010


First of all, the first step we need to open our computer, click on the bottom left corner [Start], and then find [Microsoft office] [Microsoft Excel 2010] in our computer and click to enter Oh.


After entering the page, we will see many options at the top oh, we find the "view" option at the back, and then click "View" to enter oh, we have completed this step.


Then we want to freeze the row and column at the same time, we need to click on the [middle part of the row] that we want to freeze the row, and then in the upper [view] bar, we find [fourth column] Oh. Then find the Freeze pane and we are done.


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Sum up

1. Click Start, click [Microsoft Excel 2010] 2. Click View 3. Click one of the rows 4. Click Freeze Split pane

Matters needing attention

Note the version of excel.