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How do I change the password of the SMI account?

2018-04-14 09:36:02

After joining SMI, because the password is automatically generated by the system, we must change our password for insurance. When changing the password, the following steps can be done!


Your own VIP account and password registered with SMI


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2. Then enter the password change interface, as shown in the figure


EsistingPassword means: Enter the old password NewsPassword and ReconfirmNewsPassword means: Enter the new password after the correct input of the old password and new password click: ChangePasswordLeveⅠ so that the change is successful. The procedure for changing the second password is as follows. To change the three-level password, you only need to enter the original password and click: ResetPasswordLeveⅢ The system automatically generates a new password, which will be sent to your mailbox, which can be viewed in the mailbox.