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How do I bring my pet on the plane?

2018-03-19 16:00:00

Nowadays, more and more people keep pets, many people choose to keep a pet to relieve the loneliness in their hearts, people are also willing to spend more money on pets, not only to eat well, wear well, and more and more passengers carry pets travel, even by plane. Common passengers bring their own small animals such as puppies, goldfish, small turtles, etc., but they are often blocked when they go through airport security.




Cages for aviation, animal quarantine certificates, entry and exit certificates, pet health checks,


Of course, you also need a plane ticket and identification


According to the relevant regulations of civil aviation, passengers can travel with pets, but passengers must make reservations or purchase tickets, and provide animal quarantine certificates issued by health and quarantine departments at or above the county level, after the consent of the carrier, arrive at the airport cargo office in advance for pet consignment procedures.


Pets should be packed in iron containers carried by passengers themselves, and can ensure that pet excreta does not leak out, in order to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of the cargo cabin. Pets and containers and food are charged as excess baggage. All checked pets, the airport will be placed in the aerobic cabin in accordance with the regulations to ensure the safety of pets.


Airport check-in procedures: Arrive at the airport cargo office three hours in advance.


There's a sign that says "Freight Office." Fill out the paperwork, and when you're done put the dog in a cage, iron one, with a plate under it to keep feces from contaminating the cabin.


Then take the cage to the scale, and then return to the room to fill in the form to pay according to the weight, per kilogram is 17.85 yuan, (this is the price of arrival, I do not know if it is the same elsewhere).


We'll give you a bill of lading after you pay. That's it. The dog is taken away, and you can go to the lounge and get ready for your flight.

Matters needing attention

Remember to give your pet water