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How do high-end cars choose on-board navigation

2018-03-16 19:12:00

If the low-end car is cost-effective, the mid-end car is quality, then the high-end car is comfort, design, technology... High-end cars generally come with navigators, so why do we have to discuss how high-end cars choose on-board navigation? Because high-end cars come with their own navigators have certain limitations, single function, can not meet the owner's various needs in the process of driving, in order to make driving more comfortable and pleasant, modified car navigation has become the most convenient and fast choice.


See the installation of high-end car interior are very particular, once the destruction will appear out of place, so the first thing to pay attention to is the installation of high-end car navigation, navigation that can be lossless installation is the first choice of high-end car, to ensure the integrity and unity of the interior in order to meet the pursuit of perfect high-end car owners. Road navigation supports the original car line insertion, no need to change the line, the true lossless installation.


Look at the chip chip is the core of car navigation, the quality of the chip is not only related to the fast and accurate calculation of the path, but also determines the star search speed and route planning of the navigation, the road navigation uses an embedded 64-bit A9 processor, dual-core 1.6GHZ, dual RAM, computing and reaction speed is extremely fast, which can bring a pleasant driving experience to high-end car owners.


Because the high-end car itself has its own navigator, so in the modification of navigation to pay special attention to the expansion of the navigation function, if the navigation function after installation is the same as the original navigation, it will make people have a feeling of being cheated, and a powerful navigation not only has good performance, but also has a variety of functions. While taking into account the sound quality and picture quality of the original navigation, it also has a hidden special DVD, tire pressure monitoring, 360 panorama, TV and other expanded functions.


There are many well-known navigation brands, but most of them are navigation brands that produce and develop popular models, not to say that the quality of navigation used by popular models is not good, but the value of the owners who buy popular models is different from that of the owners who buy high-end models, just like letting people who live in villas pick affordable housing, which is definitely not easy to see. High-end models equipped with mass-market navigation are bound to have various problems. Therefore, high-end cars should choose a brand tailored for high-end car navigation, Lu Cheng navigation is committed to creating the first brand of high-end navigation, is the only choice for high-end car owners to install navigation.