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How do astronauts drink water in space

2018-05-13 04:48:26

Astronauts need special treatment and equipment to drink water in space. Water is very precious in space, and astronauts need to conserve it as much as possible and make sure that the water they drink is safe and hygienic. In general, astronauts need to drink water in space through the following steps:


Recycling sewage: The spacecraft will recover the sewage used by the astronauts, including washing hands, washing faces, brushing teeth, washing vegetables, urinating, etc., and convert it into drinkable water through a special treatment device.


Removal of impurities: Recycled sewage may contain various impurities, tiny particles, bubbles, chemicals, etc., which need to be removed by filtration, bubble separation, chemical treatment, etc.


Sterilization and disinfection: In order to ensure the health and safety of water, astronauts need to be sterilized before drinking water, generally using ultraviolet light, chlorine gas, ozone and other methods.


Water storage: Treated water needs to be stored, and special water bags or tanks are generally used in space.

Matters needing attention

In space, astronauts not only need to drink water, but also need to use water for other life activities, cooking, cleaning, making scientific experiments, so the principle of water is very important. In order to save water as much as possible, astronauts need to pay attention to reducing waste when using water, using dry towels to dry the body, using a small amount of dishwashing liquid cleaning.