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How do Americans save money online

2018-02-27 22:24:00

Online shopping in the United States is more developed than local shopping, online shopping has more advantages than local shopping, below we break down in detail how to save money online shopping in the United States. I hope it will be helpful to online shopping friends.


Price comparison: that is, which website to buy a certain product is cheaper


Discount website: This type of website publishes information about discount products. Moreover, many short-term discounts (limited offers) are published on such websites, with little information and precision. The discount website general group buying network, test customer network is also very able to save money for Internet users.




Price match is when many merchants guarantee that their price is the lowest among their competitors. If a customer finds a lower price, the merchants will reward you with a lower price. So you see a bargain, go to the merchant's competitor and ask for a PRICE MATCH.


The other is that the merchant guarantees that the product you buy is the lowest they sell within a certain period of time, that is, if the merchant lowers the price, you can price match. But how do you know if the price of something you bought has dropped? You can't check it every day. There are some tools you can use, basically, just enter the link of the product,asin, and your email. When the price changes, you will be notified by email.


There are two types of cash back online shopping in the United States. One is the website Cashback type. This type of website has an agreement with the merchant that if you buy something through the link of this website, the merchant will give the website a rebate, and the website will return a portion of the rebate to you (according to the amount of your consumption).

Matters needing attention

Hope these tips are helpful. I wish everyone happy online shopping!!