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How can you tell if a Swiss Army knife is real

2018-04-04 16:00:43

To be honest, the things bought in the counters and stores will be more assured, but the price is several times higher, the Swiss Army knife price on the Internet is uneven, the average person is difficult to see its true or false. So buying a saber online is even more important. The root of the authentic Vickers Swiss Army knife will have English words, and those that cannot meet the above requirements can basically be determined to be imitation or fake. Do not think that these English words are easy to play up, as far as the small want to play these words up, and the rules are very not easy, counterfeiting in the pursuit of interests will not care about such details, if the complete use of good steel to imitate the Swiss Army knife, the cost will be quite high, there will be no market, because the cost may exceed the imported authentic Swiss Army knife, So it's hard to fake. The Vickers Swiss Army knife has the following three differences:


Since mid-2005, Vickers has changed the lettering of 58, 74, 84, 91, 93, 100, 108, 111 mm of the whole series of main cutter root lettering, 58, 74, 84, 91, 93, 100, 108 and 111 mm of shaft locks from four lines to three lines. VICTORINOX - brand name (note, First V larger than other letters) SWITZERLAND - STAINLESS - Steel ROSTFREI - German stainless steel New three-line front VICTORINOX - brand name (first V larger than other letters) SWISSMADE - Made in Switzerland STAINLESS - Steel back OFFICIER - Officer SUISSE - Switzerland Below is the new main knife root engraved picture 111 mm wire lock changed to a new three line mark or two line mark.


The 111mm wire lock saber is originally a three-row label VICTORINOX (note, First V is bigger than other letters) SWITZERLANDSTAINLESS (the first batch of old one-handed operation knife is these three lines of lettering) both 03 version operation Kong Gaicheng VICTORINOXSWISSMADESTAINLESS (the second batch of old one-handed operation saber is these three lines of lettering) both 03 edition holes or change to the operation (after the second half of 2007) VICTORINOXSWISSMADE (this two-row mark is unique to the new one-handed knife hole) Both the 07 version of the knife hole this re-marking activity took about four and a half years, of which 84, 91 mm was basically completed by mid-2006. The 58, 91, and 111 mm versions were also completed around 2008, and the last to be completed in 2009 were several 74 mm Swiss Army knives. The 100 mm contact is too small, and it may be changed in the second half of 2008.


"Crossbow" type logo: 84mm, 91mm saber main knife root back written with a small umbrella shape, in the left below the umbrella there is a "+" number, this pattern is actually called the crossbow, is the meaning of quality reliable. It's Vickers participating in some kind of exemption from inspection sign that many knife brands have now not participated in no more.

Matters needing attention

Another exception here is that the knife on the Swiss Army knife card does not have any English.