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How can investors make money chasing the rally

2018-03-18 11:12:00

In the stock market, many investors are chasing the rise, but there is not much money. Why? Because the time to chase up is not right, the buyer is sure to catch the real chase up, chasing the end of a wave of market. The most famous chase occurred in the second half of 2007, this is the most famous chase, it is blind, crazy, irrational chase, is not desirable.


In fact, the catch-up is a method of sequential operation, which is the embodiment of the trend. Buy soon after the best buy is missed, then sell at a higher price to make a profit. This method is suitable for when the general trend reverses upward and in the long market, when many can make profits; But in the end of the market, once the rally and can not be timely, there will be a situation of being covered, deep trapping, may be heavy losses, so the risk is relatively large.


Catch-up is the need for methods, skills. The main methods are as follows: 1, the pursuit of strong stocks, which is a kind of pursuit chosen by many investors. Generally, those who often appear in the forefront of the increase list are sought after, and these are strong and active, and are the focus of investors' short-term operation. In addition, the pursuit of strong stocks should pay attention to "heavy potential not heavy price", many investors often because the stock price is too high or rose too much and dare not buy, but also affected by the fundamental analysis of individual stocks, sometimes think that this is not a blue chip stocks and give up buying strong stocks. This approach is wrong, because the important thing to follow the strong stocks is to follow the trend, which is not the same as buying high-priced stocks, blue chip stocks.


2, the pursuit of leading stocks, industry leading stocks are also very sought after. Many investors like to operate leading stocks, because the trend of leading stocks will generally be relatively stable, and can be started in advance, the bottom form will appear earlier than the market and the plate, and the rise will be larger. The leading stocks are mainly the first movers in the leading sectors based on industry, geography and concept.


3, the rise of the limit, a very eye-catching category. The limit is the cradle of the dark horse stock. If one does not even have a daily limit, then it is certainly not a dark horse. The daily limit is an unusually strong market performance. Chasing up the limit of strong stocks can enable investors to quickly achieve the growth of funds in the short term.


In addition, investors in the chase up must be clearly aware that the high yield of the chase up at the same time hidden high risk. Chasing up has high requirements on the line operation ability of investors, the accuracy of trend research and judgment, as well as the experience of investors and the grasp of the time to buy. Investors must pay attention to when choosing to chase up: 1, when the market trend is in the adjustment stage, it is not appropriate to chase up. 2, when the market trend is unclear, it is not appropriate to chase up. 3, when the disk hot spot conversion frequency is too fast, it should not be followed up. Because these hot stocks are not sustainable and lack cohesion.


There are many things to pay attention to is not a list, in fact, these precautions only after their own experience may be concerned about, vigilant.