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How can couples live together harmoniously and happily?

2018-05-12 03:12:25

Article and Ma Yili things let us once again dont believe in love, a lot of people say marriage is the grave of love, a lot of love when tired of separated couples into marriage are tired of each other, in fact, marriage is the need to carefully manage, between husband and wife need to live in harmony to be happy, how to live in harmony between husband and wife?


Respect each other. There is an idiom called the eyebrows, said between husband and wife, not how to understand and familiar are to respect each other, eyebrows, if married after no longer pay attention to, wanton language between the two people, not only reduce each other's cultivation, and great harm to the marriage relationship. Lion roar can only appear in movies and TV plays, everyone likes a gentle woman.


Appreciate each other. Before marriage, you will feel that the other party is good in everything, but after marriage feel that the other party is not good, this is the most important kind of psychology, in the marriage relationship, to see the strengths of the other party, do not only stare at the shortcomings of the other party, let alone aggressive comparison with other people, no one is perfect, only a couple who appreciate each other can go on for a long time.


This information comes from experience


Cherish each other. Cherish each other is a kind of realm, two people finally come together, if you do not know how to cherish it is a pity, do not know how to cherish when you lose it, always remind yourself how difficult it is to live together, how rare it is for two people to meet and combine, hold your hand, and grow old together.