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How about counter tops and panels

2018-04-18 20:48:04

Euroeurobang cabinet as one of the most frequently used furniture in the kitchen, its purchase is of course also highly anticipated. Now the cabinet on the market more brands, materials, prices are also varied, so that consumers to buy to see is dazzling, many consumers in the comparison of a wide variety of cabinet doors and countertops when there are many questions, such as "cabinet countertops and door panels too many types, pick which?" How to pick? It's too much to think about price, health, durability and cleaning difficulty!"


Molded plate: the price ranges from 100-200 yuan, the price difference is mainly the quality of the film, the best is the German film, can withstand 90 degrees of high temperature, the use period of up to 10 years. Advantages: Rich color, realistic wood grain. Disadvantages: can not contact or close to high-temperature objects for a long time, while the design body can not be too long and too large, otherwise it is easy to deform.


Paint board: the market price is about 150 yuan, divided into three kinds of bright, matte and metal paint, the difference is mainly reflected in the brightness of the surface. Advantages: bright color and easy to shape, especially suitable for modern style, flat surface, strong anti-fouling ability, easy to clean; Surface paint can effectively waterproof, moisture-proof, without edge sealing; No oil, no fading. Disadvantages: afraid of bumps and scratches, more difficult to repair after damage; Color difference is easy to appear in the kitchen with more oil smoke.


Fireproof board: Fireproof board is more affordable than other materials. Domestic 0.8mm thick fireproof board is about 60-80 yuan/sheet, and the quality of fireproof boards from different places is different. The United States made the thickest fire board, South Korea and Japan followed, the domestic thinnest. Due to the difference in thickness, the final product has a large gap in visual effect, wear resistance and impact performance. Advantages: smooth and not easy to deform, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, anti-penetration, easy to clean, elegant color does not fade. Insufficient: corrosion resistance is not strong, the texture is general.