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How about a set of books

2018-03-04 12:48:00

Many people may have heard of the special set of reading, but the specific situation of the special set of reading is not particularly clear, so what is the special set of reading? Follow us as we learn


First, what is a special set of reading


Transfer to this set of reading, as the name suggests is a junior college to read, when a short time to get junior college and undergraduate degrees. Speaking of the special set of reading, we have to talk about our country's academic education, our country's academic education is generally divided into two kinds: unified recruitment and non-recruitment. This set of reading is mainly about non-recruitment, that is, people who leave the campus, an effective way for on-the-job personnel to promote their education. It is also the best and fastest way for many people to improve their education. So, what are the specialized sets of reading? Today, I interviewed the teacher Liu of the World Ding Education, and she gave us a detailed introduction of how to read the special set of reading.


Second, what kinds of specialized sets of reading


For those who are eager to promote their education, it is a disorder of medicine, without a clue, but the special set of reading, to many people pointed out the direction. There are four kinds of state-recognized non-uniform academic qualifications, television university, network distance education, adult college entrance examination and self-study examination. The special set of reading is the first three kinds of combination with self-examination, first with you to introduce TV university and self-examination set of reading.


Three, the special set of reading and self-examination


Television university is one of the state-recognized academic qualifications, is an important component of higher education in our country. It has the characteristics of distance education, mainly using multimedia education and sharing. TV University is a university without walls, for the majority of high school and secondary school students, is a better choice to promote education. Specialized set of reading is to apply for TV university and self-examination at the same time, TV university to apply for junior college, self-examination to study undergraduate, two and a half years to obtain junior college and undergraduate degrees


Fourth, the network distance education and self-examination of the special set of reading.


Network distance education, also known as distance education, is a new educational model that utilizes modern communication technology, multimedia computer technology and modern network technology, especially Internet technology to realize interactive learning. It is also one of the nationally recognized academic qualifications, which is unlimited in time, place and space, and can be studied anytime and anywhere. It also consists of two levels of junior college and undergraduate, specialized set of study to choose the level of junior college, with a self-examination undergraduate, two and a half years to obtain a professional undergraduate degree.


Fifth, the specialized set of reading test and self-examination


The reason why the final exam is put last is because the final exam is only once a year, for many people who are eager to improve their education, the time is not too allow. And the difficulty of the final exam is greater than that of television and distance education. Of course, people who want to choose the exam can choose, and the exam is also at the same time. Got a national recognized degree in a short time.

Matters needing attention

Six, the special set of reading characteristics


1. Short time


For many people who want to improve their education, time is a problem, and Ms. Liu said she often sees many students who want to get a bachelor's degree in a short time. However, if you follow the steps, it takes five years to get a nationally recognized bachelor's degree. The time spent studying in a specialized set has been cut in half.


2. Difficulty reduction


In fact, the time of self-examination is the fastest, if a person's ability is strong enough, you can choose self-examination for junior college, the difficulty of self-examination, I believe many people are clear. The special set of reading also reduces the difficulty by half.


3, the low cost of this set of study choose junior television university, distance education, exam, undergraduate choose self-examination, while getting a professional undergraduate degree. The cost of our four years of college is more than 30,000, and the specialized set of education is only more than 10,000. Specialized set of reading is currently the best way to improve academic qualifications, according to teacher Liu of the World Ding Education, a large number of students choose specialized set of reading in them every year, which also fully explains the advantages of specialized set of reading.