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Homemade natto is a big success

2018-03-08 08:00:00

Natto is my favorite food, and its high nutritional value has always been loved by the Japanese people. But in fact, natto is a food from China, not to mention that it is also thought to be Japanese food. Chinese people have low acceptance of natto, and few friends around them like natto, most of them are scared by its unique odor. Even my Agu is not willing to touch it Agu is almost open to food, no matter what I make amazing dishes, he is willing to package all (Agu and potato two people, can be called my ultimate cooking push XD) have such a brother, it is very good to use, ah, no, it is very happy to look at the natto in the refrigerator to eat up, Remember last year I want to make my own natto, with the golden legend of "a month ten thousand yuan (yen) life" in the impression of a certain actress successfully made a big bag of natto, the practice seems simple, but I lost the natto bacteria cooked and failed (more than 70 degrees on the point) This comeback, seriously looking for production materials on the Internet, first with a small amount of try to do, So as not to waste soybeans.




One box of edible natto;


An egg yolk;


A few scallions;


First, wash the beans and soak them in water for about ten hours to swell them up. Then put them in an electric pot and steam them until they are soft enough to be crushed by hand. I didn't measure how much beans I poured in this test, but I think it was less than 500g


Prepare a box of edible natto, you can choose your favorite flavor brand of a X town brand of natto, it is really bad to eat dead, it can be seen that not everyone is delicious


While the beans are still warm, add the natto and beans to the same pot


Stir the soybeans and natto thoroughly


Use plastic wrap to seal and stab a few holes, because natto bacteria is an oxygen-eating bacteria, so the need for air into the electric pot is to keep warm, natto bacteria will multiply rapidly at about 40 degrees, the speed is twice the usual I am afraid of its temperature loss, so add another cup of hot water


In less than a day, the surface of the soybean has presented a fog state, and the color is relatively dark. I have a hunch that I have succeeded. The texture of the fog on the surface is the evidence, but when the plastic wrap is opened, it is really smelly (how do I have the courage to do this?)


You can still clearly see the difference between beans and beans


With a spoon to stir, sure enough to lead the wire OH~~YA! I did it! I shipped it! (Is it that HIGH?) Eating natto is not only nutritious, but also very fun, I love crazy stir natto, see how much silk can stir seems very childish behavior, but natto silk is the source of natto enzyme, so the more silk is the better! (According to the expert on the Japanese show)


The process of doing natto is very dangerous, and I almost lost the natto bacteria to cook, the reason is that I will plug the electric pot into the heat preservation state, intend to come back after a few minutes to check the results of a busy nearly an hour, when I touched the lid found that the pot is not good, the pot is hot = = quickly open the check, but also by natto smoke, really smelly! Just done natto is not so smelly ~ smell floated into the Agu room, was immediately protested, found a little slime, thought there may be a save it, put the pot out, wait for the heat to evaporate and then put it in the electric pot, this time it is not insulated after a few hours to check again, there is a little sticky silk on the beans, it is good to save (call ~~) the beans are not cooked soft enough, The taste is too hard, I see next time the electric pot steam a second time, this time the soybeans bought by my mother are genetically modified (surprise ~), next time to change to non-modified and then introduce my usual natto eating method market natto will be accompanied by Kunbu stock and yellow mustard, because eating natto alone is not what taste


The addition of these two packages of seasonings will enhance the flavor


I will also add an egg yolk and a little green onion to enhance the flavor of today's addition is a gift of scallions (or scallions), this delicious, yum! Add regular spring Onions as well


Stir well to become this look, less the shape of the tow is a pity delicious but no words oh! In addition to adding the above ingredients, you can also try adding nori, sesame... Such as to increase the aroma of this year's Japanese trip, enjoy the Japanese breakfast, eat natto will add nori (article let me PO another day) I ate in the big house KG introduced bomb cover rice, the ingredients are also worth referring to the next time want to add a little carrot mud try, should be good look you if there is any unique trick, Please tell me why I like this sticky, stinky natto is like asking me why I like stinky tofu and cheese when it stinks? Are high in nutritional value and happen to be fermented products (so fermented foods = high in nutritional value??) Natto was recorded in the Qin and Han dynasties of China, which is equivalent to the bean drum of China, and was introduced to Japan by the Zen monk in Nara and the period. Its nutritional value is better than all the nutrients of non-genetically modified soybeans, including soybean isoflavones, proteins, lecithin, unsaturated fatty acids... And other nutritional value, suitable for long-term consumption to maintain health.

Matters needing attention

Please pay special attention to pregnant women or people with a history of frequent bleeding such as gastric ulcers are not suitable for eating!!