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Home wine making equipment

2018-04-16 14:24:54

Home-made wine is delicious and easy.

The tools you need to make wine

The main fermenter, it is recommended to use glass jars, glass jars, glass bottles, ceramic jars, stainless steel bottles or plastic bottles, plastic jars that are resistant to alcohol and harmless to people, etc., the size is not limited.


Secondary fermentation containers and containers containing wine can be used empty wine bottles, beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, etc.


A thin piece of plastic used to siphon wine out of fermentation containers after fermentation is complete.


Wooden stick or chopstick, used to stir the grape skins and grape juice during fermentation.


Stockings or gauze, used to filter wine juice.

Home-made wine practice

After rinsing the ripe red grapes, remove the fruit stem and green grains, mold grains, broken grains, etc., put them into a small jar of sterilized containers, crush or mash them by hand, but before operation, the hands, sticks, containers, etc., must be washed with potassium permanganate once, and then washed once, and then operated to prevent impurity contamination. At the same time, be careful not to use iron, copper and other metal tools and containers or use a clean aluminum spoon in the cup to disinfect the grapes.


Fermentation is the sugar in the grape skin juice by yeast to produce alcohol and carbon dioxide, the pre-fermentation process of red wine is the skin juice mixed together, the yeast has been inserted into the juice when the grapes are broken, because the white frost on the grape skin has yeast, so homemade wine can not be added yeast during fermentation.


The method of pressing is to use a clean cloth bag or gauze to squeeze or twist pressure, and the red wine liquid comes out, which is called Yuan wine.


30ml grape wine about add egg white one, the method is to beat the egg white into a foam, stir and mix with a small amount of wine, then add to the wine, and then stir fully, until the wine is clear and transparent, the sediment is discarded.


Most people's habit is to feel that wine should be sweet, so it is necessary to add sugar to the wine, the amount of sugar is about 12 to 14%, and the original wine should be stirred to dissolve the sugar.


In this way, a strong "rose" fragrance, sweet and sour red wine is made, but if it is stored in a container for 2 months, the flavor of the wine is more mellow.

Matters needing attention

I hope you found the above method helpful