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Home renovations have tricks to make it easy for you to live in a new home

2018-03-17 00:00:00

The family house has lived in a few years, want to renovate the house to change the style? Everyone in daily life more or less will encounter the problem of house renovation, which often makes us anxious and at a loss, so when the house renovation should be what to do? Are there any methods and tips, tips and tricks? Here is a detailed understanding of the small series.


1, three "surface" transformation is essential in the renovation of the old house, the transformation of the wall, the ground, and the ceiling is the most easily ignored, experts suggest that it is best to ask professionals to carry out field investigation of the house to see if there are obvious cracks, whether it is smooth, whether it is falling off and sand. If these conditions exist, it is necessary to repair treatment, including removing the wall oil, pulverized wall paint, etc., and repairing the base, cracks, and holes with cement mortar.


2. What is "concealed project" when the "concealed project" is disassembled? In the process of construction process sequence, the work of the previous process is completed, and the parts that will be covered by the next one and cannot be inspected are called "concealed works". In the old house decoration, pay special attention to "hidden works". For example, whether the roads, lines and equipment of various facilities such as water supply, air conditioning and ventilation in the suspended ceiling have been sealed and electrical insulation and resistance tests, whether the connection is firm, whether the joint practice meets the requirements, and whether flammable materials have been treated with fire and flame retardant belong to the scope of "concealed works", which can not be checked after the first installation.


3, the circuit is not transformed can not be used in second-hand houses, simple circuit distribution, wire aging, illegal wiring and other phenomena, has been unable to meet the needs of modern families. If it is found that the original line uses aluminum wires, it must be replaced with a copper wire of 2.5 square millimeters, and for the installation of high-power electrical appliances such as air conditioning lines, a line of 4 square millimeters of cross-section should be set separately, and PVC insulation protection must be used when burying the wire.


4, the aging water to replace some old toilets for the side drainage, and the bathroom floor height is much higher than the living room, bedroom, once the change will affect the bathroom floor structure, and even lead to the use of the downstairs residents inconvenience, so this drainage can not be arbitrarily changed. At the same time, if the squat toilet sanitary ware to the toilet also need to be re-waterproof.


5, Windows and doors update carefully consider the aging of doors and Windows is also a prominent problem in the old house, but if the material is strong, and you also like its style, as long as the paint can be refreshed, but if the following problems appear, you must remove and redo: mainly to see whether the wood doors and Windows peel, deformation, if there is, it shows that the characteristics of the wood itself has changed, must be replaced.

Matters needing attention

The original water route of the old house often has a lot of unreasonable layout, and it is necessary to thoroughly check the original waterway when decorating to see whether it is rusty and aging.