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High-calorie foods and their dangers

2018-04-04 20:48:26

Some foods that are good in calories can cause weight gain, high blood lipids, high cholesterol and other bad things. So, be sure to pay attention to good food, small sound in the following to give you some food and bad places, I hope you eat as little as possible for their own health, or do not eat ~~~


Fried and baked foods are generally high in calories


1. Instant noodles This is the simplest example of instant noodles is easy, but most instant noodles are fried, the calorie content is quite high, soup contains MSG, eating more may cause hair loss and other phenomena. Most of the oil in instant noodles is poor quality oil that is "refined", and eating too much may affect health. The dehydrated vegetables of instant noodles do not provide vitamins and fiber, and eating too much is more likely to cause constipation. A typical bag of instant noodles has 300-400 calories; A large bag of instant noodles has 600-800 calories. Now that the competition in the instant noodle world is so fierce, which brand will raise the price? Without raising prices, good materials will lose money, and at this time, they choose bad materials. 2 yuan a pack of instant noodles can not be so cheap, don't forget, home and business also extract money, calculate, the cost of a bag may be less than 1.5 or 1 yuan.


Hamburgers, the most popular fast food, are popular because of their delicious taste. However, its health is not flattering. How is it possible to only buy one burger every time you walk into, or McDonald's? Just one burger has about 400 calories, plus everything else... If you want to lose weight, you have to lose a few days for this meal. (here refers to the fast food hamburger, not the nutritious hamburger made in the family) Moreover, it is also unhealthy, eating hamburgers all the time is easy to addiction, resulting in overeating and other hazards, so it is recommended that everyone eat as little as possible.


Peanut butter: If you spread a savory layer of peanut butter on bread, you will quickly and easily get 192 calories, which is equivalent to eating a bowl of plain rice at night! Chocolate sauce: 100 grams of chocolate sauce has 541 calories per serving, this is one of the foods dieters have been avoiding, but many dieters don't know, because, just a little bit, you're eating more calories than 2 hot dogs. Typical high heat.


4. Bacon & Ham & Ham As processed meats, bacon and ham have one thing in common - high in calories. A thick, good-quality slice of bacon has 174 calories, and the ham isn't far behind. Moreover, ham sausage and other meat processing products are very unhealthy, aside from calories, eating ham sausage is easy to damage the kidney, and there is a saying that ham sausage cancer. So, for the sake of health, stay away from ham, and eat as little bacon and ham as possible


5. Carbonated drinks Carbonated drinks (Cola, Sprite, Fanta, eye-catching...) Generally marked with calories, a can is about 400 calories (Sprite is higher than Coke), is really quite high it ~ carbonated drinks more likely to cause bones soft, teeth discoloration and other serious health problems, especially cola, many people's favorite, but really not a healthy drink. Here, small sound can only say, try to drink less ~~~


6. Pizza to write this, small Yin is also very unhappy, because this is small Yin's favorite, let me how to eat less ah, not appropriate control or can. Pizza is a calorie-dense food, and even the cheese on it ranks high on the calorie-dense list. Pizza is still healthy, but it's high in calories. So it's okay to eat pizza regularly, as long as you're not afraid of getting fat...

Matters needing attention

Suitable for weight loss stage, pay attention to healthy people.


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