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Hero killer tour civilian walkthrough

2018-04-14 20:48:21

Hero killer tour civilian walkthrough mainly brings you the civilian martial arts will choose a phased use recommendation, hope that through a small series of martial arts will recommend, to play friends of the game has more help


Hero Kill


1-43 pass for the simple main general Yang Yanzhao deputy Song Jiang cooperate with any hero without pressure.


44-62 It is recommended to buy Bian Que and Yu Ji, the main Yu Ji and the second Bian Que with a 3-star hero (note, if you Bian Que first, kill Yu Ji drop a blood to treat him, leave a red card)


Of course, if you have Li Kui, you can master deputy Li Kui + strong 3-star hero, the master stays in the hearts of spades, there is damage to turn Li Kui, the more blood Li Kui, the better the pro test reversal several times


A lot of people card Shang Zhou, Shang Zhou I will explain in detail. (1) Shang Zhou Yu Ji deputy Bian Que + Li Kui a! The more blood Li Kui, the better (of course, the instructor can also do) (2) after 13 days to send murong, leisurely people can wait to sign in to take murong is also very good to play! After all, Murong is not afraid of Shang Zhou's ten thousand arrows, recommend the deputy general division + Li Kui.


(1) Da Ji, the main Yu Ji deputy Bian Que + Li Kui (Yu Ji blood red card to Bian Que, the more blood Li Kui the better) Li Kui can directly play 300 rounds with Da Ji two reverse wounds directly to the residual blood, we have Bian Que completely not Xu Da already. 2) Da has been can not take Yu Ji, here recommend the master will be for you have the hero in the most blood (7.8 blood) deputy division, such as the teacher to hurt you touch cards, you can rely on counter-attack play the final or + a Li Kui, after all, Da has.


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