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Go with friends. What are the attractions

2018-03-20 16:00:00

Is a Mongolian and Tibetan autonomous prefecture in the province, where the air is clear, the environment is beautiful, walking on the path, feel the customs of the ethnic minorities, experience different tourism, in the play to understand the traditional habits of the ethnic minorities, learn a lot of knowledge about the ethnic minorities.

Tea card

Scenic spot Address: No. 9 Chaka Town Road, Provincial Zhou County Opening hours: 7:00 ~ 18:30, open all year round Ticket information: 60 yuan/person in peak season; Off-season 30 yuan/person play season: The best season is in June to October Traffic information: car, long-distance bus station to the county shuttle bus, through the town of Chaka, about 80 yuan; Chartered bus, from the bus station chartered to about 400, from the Heima River chartered to about 200 yuan.


Tea card is known as the "sky", because of the beautiful environment, good scenery has become a network celebrity punch the card location. When you stand in the lake, you can clearly see your own reflection in the lake, it is a good place to shoot, before 9 o 'clock in the morning and after 5 o 'clock in the afternoon is the best time to shoot, like to take pictures of your friends must not miss it. Chaka is at its best at sunrise and sunset, when clouds, first and last rays of sunlight shine on the lake, creating an indescribable beauty. Sunrise is at 6:30 am from May to September, and sunset is at 19:30 from May to September.


Scenic spot address: Province Qaidam Basin Opening time: 9 am to 18 PM Ticket information: Free play season: July ~ September is the most suitable to play time: control in about half a day is the best


Qarhan, as the name suggests is one located in the same name as Chaka. In Qarhan you can see crystal clear, changing myriad of salt flowers, these salts are formed by the filter water in the crystallization process because of different concentrations and time to form a variety of salt flowers. The shape of the salt flower has many pearl and coral, etc. Besides the salt flower, you can also see the salt bridge. This salt bridge is called "Wanzhang Salt Bridge", and the scenery above the bridge is very exquisite, the mountain and the lake are reflected, which is called "unparalleled in the world".

Flower gully

Location: Manya City, Province, state Opening hours: open all day Ticket information: Free play Season: All year round is to play Climate information: Mainland desert climate type


Huatugou rich, quite a variety, you can recognize a lot of things. Now the preliminary proved minerals are oil, natural gas, gold, lithium, magnesium, potassium, boron and mica and so on more than a dozen kinds, of which lapis lazuli reserves account for 66% of the world. In addition to minerals, there are a lot of wild animals, wild yaks, Tibetan antelopes, wild donkeys and yellow sheep up to 110 kinds. The scenic spots of Huatugou include the city site of Rensara, thousand Buddha Cave and Yadan landform.

West Queen Mother Yaochi

Scenic spot address: Golmud City, province Opening hours: open all day Ticket information: free Average altitude: 5,000 kilometers Traffic information: Golmud to the West Wangmu Yao pool about 500 kilometers round trip, can only be chartered to go


There is a legend about the West Queen Mother Yaochi. There is a platform beside the lake, and every year on the third day of March, the sixth day of June, and the eighth day of August, the West Queen Mother will set up a peach banquet here to invite various gods to celebrate. Here the lake is sparkling and clear, and wild animals such as yellow sheep and brown bears can be seen.

Matters needing attention

In the scenic area, we must pay attention to the protection of the environment and do not cause pollution to the scenic area


Take your documents and valuables with you to avoid losing them