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Give your baby some contemporary names.

2018-03-02 11:12:00

In the past, we named children, are up with The Times, the founding of the army, the founding of the state, and so on, now, many people name children, often without the characteristics of The Times, all poetic, sound no personality, basically small difference. I will share with you a few of my own, very contemporary and profound meaning of the name, I hope to help you.


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. This name comes from the "countryside", and has a feeling of nostalgia, personally think that those "Mingxuan", "Zi xuan" those names are much better, this name implies that your baby will be able to your family in the future, the future.


. This name is my inspiration from the word "green water", giving people a green, ecological feeling, your baby with this name, will give people a green, tall, handsome, pure impression, is a full of original ecological name.


. It's a very contemporary name, perfect for a man of steel. If your baby uses this name, it gives people a feeling of self-improvement and hard work, which means that your baby can do something in the future.


Golden heart. This name is suitable for male treasure, also suitable for female treasure, not male treasure female is a good name, and suitable for a variety of surnames. If your baby uses this name, it will give people a feeling of being both very sweet, positive and scrappy, which means that your baby will stick to the original heart in the future and maintain its true color.


Naturally. This name has two layers of meaning, one is to dare to be brave, the second is to dare to take on, are full of manhood, very pictorial, very suitable for male treasure, if your baby uses this name, it will give people a kind of tall and burly, towering feeling.


Pure and upright. This name comes from "clean and honest", which is a word full of positive energy, but also suitable for a variety of family names, very suitable for male treasure, meaning your baby to be a clean person, to be a clean person.

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